Stay In Your Lane


In a digital driven society, we find ourselves spending a great amount of time surfings the web, particularly social media. As it keeps evolving, social media has become an integral part of our lives that can often lead us to various expressions of self-validation. Sometimes those posts give us a false reality of a person’s life just because they’ve “highlighted” an accomplishment of their life. So what happens when we start seeing the posts?

Scenario Time
If Layla, for example, landed an internship with a top law firm in the country she’ll get 2,002 likes. Meanwhile, if Ebony secured a full time job before her final semester during her undergrad degree, she’ll get 3,500 likes. Racquel, from high school, is married an just brought her dream home with a baby on the way, she’ll get 5,000 likes.

After reading the posts and viewing the pictures, you may like, comment, retweet, or even share the post. But what happens after that? One of the most natural things may occur, because you’re human, and you’re formulating comparisons. You’ll find yourself comparing your accomplishments and downfalls to Layla’s, Ebony’s, Raquel’s, etc. Theodore Roosevelt once said, comparison is the thief of joy and he was right.”

Comparison can be good, at times, and can be a means of motivation, though it will still affect your joy. Whether you’re comparing your accomplishments to someone else’s downfalls, that feeling of joy can fade away because you’re reminded of someone else’s success. Don’t fret, it is a perfectly normal thing but it is not healthy, yet it is avoidable. At the end of the day, your race is your race.

Everyone does not have the same tools too achieve and navigate through certain things as the next person. One of the main hacks of social media is to showcase your most positive attributes to show this “perfect” persona. No, I’m not saying it is a problem to promote and advertise your success, because I am guilty of it too. I’m saying just because you see someone promote their good news doesn’t mean it is validating your own news and journey. You never know what a person had to endure to get certain things or achieve certain accomplishments. Just like everyone doesn’t know what you have to endure to achieve your accomplishments. Your accomplishments are your accomplishments. Continue to like, comment, retweet, and share other people’s accomplishments as well as posting yours. Be secure in yourself, your work, and your accomplishments. There’s no need to compare your accomplishments, downfalls, or life in general to anyone, especially based off of their social media.

Stay in your lane, the victory lap will soon come.


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