As the semester comes to an end and student organizations are having their end of the year celebrations, you may ask yourself, “how can I be more involved in this organization or even on this campus.”

Without being involved in organizations on your campus, you may feel left out off the social atmosphere of your campus. It’s not mandatory to be a part of organizations when you’re in college, but involvement could really help enhance your collegiate experience.

Just like high school, college campuses offer so many different organizations, that can range from similar interests, hobbies, identities and majors. 

Looking for an organization to join, may be a tough decision. Some organizations may be free and while others will require you to pay dues. Before paying dues for an organization, attend a few meetings and events that respective organization is hosting before making a personal and financial commitment. While I know a college student’s bank account isn’t always the healthiest, it is okay to be a dues-paid member for certain organizations. There are some organizations who host events and provide opportunities just for their due paid members, such as mini-career fairs or even networking seminars with career officials who could potentially hire them as an intern of full time after graduation.

Yes, student organizations could be considered just “social,” but they also play a huge role in creating various opportunities for students. Some students may get the opportunity to develop more leadership and communication skills, and even the chance to strengthen their work ethic individually or with a group. Those organizations can serve as an additional bridge for a student to make friends, especially at a large university.

One of the hidden gems in college is that about 80% of college is networking and the other 20% consists of course work. Take advantage of the mini bridges of networkings by joining student organizations, you’ll never know the endless opportunities your membership can bring by getting involved.


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