Kylie’s “Lip Kit” Inspired Adidas Collab


Is there anything that Kylie Jenner can’t touch and make millions off of it? I think not. The 20 year-old millionaire has made a fortune off of Kylie Cosmetics, Kendall + Kylie Collection, PacSun clothing line and others in the span of three years.

Jenner will be introducing a new streetwear collaboration with Adidas. Couple days ago, she posted on her Instagram Story, a sneak peak of the primal colorway for the new collection.

As she designed the Reveal Your Voice Collection, Jenner used some of her very own colors from her lip kits as inspiration for the partnership. Her favorite color, Shady, lavender-blue matte, will be the essential color for most of the pieces. The rest of the collection comes in complementary colors such as sky blue, white and black.

You can check out the lavender color palette collection on Adidas along with an assortment of her Falcon shoe and other streetwear items. What is next for the millionaire? We can only wait to see what she has up her sleeve.


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