How To Deal With Death


People come and go. But, in all actuality, we must all go one day. However, no one wants to hear that. Especially when it comes to a loved on or close friend.

You can read books, write poetry, or even find a hobby that can help during the grieving process. Should that work? That’s up to you and your interests. Losing someone is like a roller coaster. You’re with them when their sick. Then, you hit to that middle stage when they’re getting really sick and can’t do anything to help them. Next, you’re going downhill to make the few moments last.

It’s scary, complicated, heartbreaking and a bit confusing. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, best friend or pet; it’s never easy losing someone. The entire experience is very much of an impact and filled with lessons that you didn’t know before. Think of it like a cut. You have the first few weeks where it’s going to hurt. Then, with time, you begin to heal.

Grief is something that is often o