Rih’s Nephew Gets An Earful


There’s no question that Rihanna will be dropping new music. When? We are not sure. Everyone has been on top of Rih’s social media platforms to see if she may slip up and give us a little teaser; to the beat, or lyrics, and she has not.

However, her nephew gets an earful before the singer drops any tunes. Yesterday, she shared a picture of her assistant, Jennifer Rosales with her son Aaron in the studio with headphones on.

It’s been nearly a year for her upcoming album, without any actual confirmation from the Rehab singer. There has been several rumors circulating about her making two albums – one dancehall and one pop.

In July, when asked about her future, Rolling Stones unveiled that she is “exploring her Caribbean roots” while working with some of the biggest names in dancehall and reggae. With her endless grind, she has obtained 500 records for this project with an assortment of writers and producers.

There has also been speculation that the entire country of Jamaica is preparing for her albums. There are several artists, producers and songwriters that has little snippets of publishing content.


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