Ariana Grande has released the new Cloud Macchiato, added to the Starbucks menu across the country. She is now the new face for the drink; but can we blame her?

Grande is all about being creative, outspoken and all things pink. The drink is named after her perfume and some of her favorite things such as cloud emojis, sugar and caffeine. Can we now see the similarities between the pop artist and the newly fluffy drink? I think so.

Iced Cloud Macchiato

The multi-billion dollar company is in need of a re-branding after their stunt couple months ago. They are now gearing their products to young consumers while maintaining their sweet drinks and snacks. College students function on coffee. They use it as a form of energy and way to move around.

The Iced Cloud Macchiato is like a burst of sweetness. The drink is available in caramel and cinnamon flavors and can be served hot or cold. It is also replaced by regular liquid milk with Starbucks’ trademarked Cold Foam. Some have said that it’s like a cloud in a cup. Unlike there other drinks, this will be a permanent addition to their menu.

Many of Grande’s fans are taken back by the partnership with Starbucks, but she’s been completely open about her coffee obsession. This will not stand in the way in the new meaning of Grande. Her love for clouds is evident to the point in which she’s now doing business ventures such as perfumes and corporate companies.


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