When going away to college, your main focus is studying and getting through the 4 years as soon as possible. However, we are prone to get distracted due to the collegiate environment, organization interests and getting lit. But, what we don’t often think about are the means of cash flow. Are you parents giving you a weekly or monthly allowance? Are you going to get a job to have extra money on the side? These are questions we tend to ask ourselves a few weeks into undergrad.

College is your stomping ground. Having side hustles while being in school can be looked at as a great skill to obtain. It may help you within your major, or even help you master qualities you didn’t know you had. Finding a side hustle can be easier than you think. From writing papers, to being a DJ, to even becoming a self taught chef, the hustles are endless.

Below you will find some ways to increase your bank account, while finding the right hustle for you.

  1. Makeup Artist: Do you like to beat your face every weekend to go out with your friends? Do you like splurging at Sephora or MAC every time you’re at the mall? Here’s your chance to be a self taught artist! Use your friends as mannequins and test on them. You can develop your craft for colors, blending and perfecting the perfect brow by simply using your resources right under your nose. This can potentially turn into a hobby after graduation for some extra cash or even go on to do celebrity beats.
  2. DJ: Are you into different types of music? Do you like mixing and scratching? Put your fingers to the test. You can become a DJ while being booked for your school events. Organizations and clubs at other institutions can get a hold of you and start booking you for their events. You’re networking and making a name for yourself while doing something that you never thought of. Who knows, if this is something that you master, you can move on to being on the radio or traveling.
  3. Paper Person: Love to write? Have a knack for creating stories? You can start writing student papers. You can charge by the paragraph or page. Do you have to do extensive research? Add to the price. Earn a buck while doing something that takes you hours. You can also do resumes, cover letters and personal statements for more experience. Become in-tuned with your career development center and apply it.
  4. On-Campus Chef: Are you a foodie? Do you like cook? Here’s your chance to test out your culinary skills. Acquire signature dishes that you can make in your sleep. Advertise to your peers in the dorms, at programs or even on social media. Build your clientele. Before you know it, you’re catering for your school.
  5. Graphic Designer: Do you have a keen eye for detail? Do you think your artwork is relatable? Put yourself out there. Help entrepreneurs with their brand by bringing their visions to life. Play around with layouts and colors. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Watch tutorials. Paint the town with your graphics.
  6. Tutor: Are you living in the library? Do you hide behind books? You might as well earn a few bucks while being a nerd. Hey, I didn’t mean it like that. Is every subject your favorite? Do you only like Math and Science? That’s fine. Request to be a tutor in different departments on campus. You can tutor your peers or even branch off of campus. Who said book worms can’t have fun?
  7. Hairstylist: Are you always switching up your style? Can you never decide on a hair color? Are your friends always running to you to braid or wash their hair? Why not give hair a try? Like I mentioned before, use your friends to your advantage. Practice on them. See what works and doesn’t. Before you know it, you’re having people in and out of your chair. From weaves, to natural hair, you’ll be able to do it all.
  8. Blogging: Are you a writer? Like to write creatively? Why not tell your collegiate experience? You can create a fan base. Promote yourself and your brand. Open yourself up to advertisers. You can receive a check by simply having people read your content. You can use your college campus as a tool for more readers.
  9. Photographer: Do you find yourself taking pictures just for the fun of it? Turn those prints into paychecks. You can set up different pricing for your peers, depending on the type of shoot. Reach out to organizations in case anyone needs a photographer. Along with entertainment groups for parties. Let’s not forget about birthdays and graduations. Cha-ching!
  10. Start Your Brand: What is it that interests you? Are you into fashion? Create your own clothing line. Advertise it to your student body. See how they react to your product. Branch out to other campuses if it goes well. Are you into music? Is your institution talented? Seek out talent. Do your research on management, consultant or even if you’re the artist.

College is the place for you to figure out what it is exactly you like to do. Waiting until you graduate can sometime become problematic if you’re not applying yourself. Do internships, gain experience and learn from your mistakes. If something doesn’t interest you, move on. Don’t waste your time struggling. Get those side hustles in while you can.


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