Chocolates, teddy bears and champagne are always the most talked about go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day. We look forward to unwrapping that big box filled with an assortment of chocolates. From fillings to coverings, we want it all. However ladies, we live in the generation where everyone is worried about eating right and looking right.

We have created a list of Vegan Valentine’s Day treats that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

  1. Brach’s Jube Jel Cherry Hearts
  2. Ring Pop Cupid Packs
  3. Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment
  4. Peta Vegan Almond Butter Caramel Cups
  5. Sweet Pete’s Vegan Valentine’s Treat Tote Basket
  6. Rose City Chocolatier Chocolate Boxes
  7. Smarties Love Hearts Candy Rolls
  8. Chocolate To The Rescue Bar
  9. Peta Vegan Almond Butter Caramel Cups
  10. Skittles
  11. Swedish Fish
  12. Willy Wonka Sweetarts Hearts
  13. Trader Joe’s Belgain Dark Chocolate Non Pareils


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