The Luck of Feb


#Girlpreneurs 2019 isn’t on its way or around the corner anymore. It’s here! Why not rally up some good energy to make sure that you’re starting the year off with your best foot forward? We’re in the second month in. Let’s make it count. There are countless New Year traditions that people do to bring blessings and good luck their way. Some may be doing a thorough clean up or sage-down of their homes. Others are putting together their vision boards or scrolling down their Instagram feed looking for a new diet to commit to. But, a common tradition to bring positive vibes your way, and also something that we all enjoy doing way too much anyway is eating!

One traditional New Year’s meal that shows up on dinner tables each year is the Southern-rooted black-eyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread plate. For generations, grandmas everywhere have sworn by the phrase “peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold”— well at least mine has. And while this may just sound like another cute old lady saying, the grandmas may have been on to something with this recipe. Here’s why you might need this plate on your table this New Year:

Black-Eyed Peas:

This dish doesn’t just resemble coins, but they’re also meant to bring you some coins throughout the year. As the peas cook, they swell, and this process is meant to reflect growth and prosperity in your own life. Back in the day, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this Southern crop was considered food for the livestock. But, as time went on, people realized that they aren’t only filling, but they taste bomb too! This holiday, try making a black-eye pea soup or adding some rice to the dish to get your year started the right way.

Collard Greens:

If getting to the bag is one of your main goals this year, make sure you have a healthy serving of collard greens on your plate to get that good energy flowing! Green is the color of new life, renewal, nature, and obviously, money. You are what you eat, and I definitely wouldn’t mind looking like some money in 2019. Use a recipe that includes smoked turkey necks or a big ole ham hock to add that classic Southern flavor.


Okay, so when you go in for the first slice of warm, fluffy cornbread, playing “Golden” by Jill Scott is an absolute must. This final addition is said to bless your year, your pockets, and your aura with a continuous glow because of the way that it rises when cooked and its rich golden color. As you make this addition to your New Year plate, you can officially declare 2019 “The Glow Up Year”. To add an extra savory Southern taste, use bacon bits throughout your soft, flaky pan of gold.

Remember #Girlpreneurs, these are traditional dishes meant to symbolize the blessing that you want to bring to yourself in the New Year, not magic spells. Good eats are only a small part of being prepared for success. Stay focused, be persistent, and always make sure you’re doing things to protect your positive energy!


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