This journey of self love is evolving and opening up new levels of understanding for us millennial’s. As you learn about yourself, you learn how to love yourself. And then you’re able to use this insight to help others love you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a guide to show others how to love your or to understand how you love yourself? Well, there is a test called The Five Love Languages. It breaks down your love in five categories; act of service, physical touch, affirmation, receiving gifts, and quality time. This test is able to determine your favorite love languages through detailed questions. This questionnaire is also free, so don’t worry about paying a fee to find your love.

I wouldn’t broadcast this without actually trying it out. My favorite love languages are act of service, quality time, affirmation, receiving gifts and physical touch.  If I’m being honest, this questionnaire was spot on for my love languages. Act of service is so important to me because if you tell me your plan to do something, I expect it to be done. It’s also important because you simply took time out to think of me and I cherish that. Quality time and affirmation being equal for the second spot also makes sense. I love being around people, even if we aren’t doing anything and I do love hearing my favorites tell me they love me. I was surprised that physical touch didn’t beat receiving gifts though. I mean who doesn’t love getting gifts? But, now that I think about it, if I share my space or body with someone whether it’s a hug or a kiss, it has to be done genuine. In other words, I have to feel comfortable with them.

This questionnaire did bring insight on how I receiving love, or should I say how I want to receive love. I’ve attached a link below, click on it, take the test learn about yourself and your love languages. I promise it will either shock you or it will give you a thorough understanding for your perception on love.