The Chelsea Story


Beauty, brains and Bronx native, what more can you ask for from Chelsea Taylor.

The 22 year old artist is ready to prove to others that no matter what you’re going through, you can be whoever you want to be while focusing on the things that make you happy. She uses music as an outlet to give her peace and to get in the zone.

Taylor began doing music at the age of 10 by singing and dancing in the shower. She tapped into her creative side and realized she had a knack for music by listening to instrumentals. She would use the beats as a way to come up with lyrics to write her songs. As she got older and became familiar with studios and going into the booth, she found herself having an entirely new mindset about her music. Stepping into the booth gives her the ability to connect with herself one on one and allows her to tap into her spiritual side.

The female artist believes that you must always get the job done, no matter what you have going on. So far, she has faced things such as writer’s block, being put under pressure and even urges to give up at times. Being in the industry, one must know how to juggle it all. Whether it’s having a regular job, a side hustle or even a hobby; do what you have to in order to make it. It’s not easy getting to the top. But, it’s all worth it when you get there. 

“I can come home from my 9-5 and just want to turn it all off not write music. But, it has to get done.” Taylor said.

With her busy schedule, Taylor has released her first ever music video, Truth, displaying some of the things us women go through when dealing with a guy. For example, the heartbreak, the lies and the miscommunication are some of the things that makes us go crazy. The song displays one of her past relationships and the experiences she underwent. She decided to dive into those hidden emotions and feelings to write in a way that she can be expressive.

“Truth is about being confused and wanting to know the position between two individuals who are not in a relationship but, a situationship.” Taylor explained.

Taylor is excited and eager to produce more content after seeing all of the support and love she’s received on her first project. There was a lot of people streaming watching the video on Youtube, landing her to 2.2K views. All of her work and dedication in putting this video together showed through the visuals and story line throughout the song. We are expected to see some more music, videos, and visuals from the Truth singer.

Chelsea Taylor is a #Girlpreneur because of drive to master her craft and enhance her brand. She is determined to make a mark for herself as an upcoming artist from New York City, and she’s not afraid of putting in the work. Taylor defined a #Girlpreneur to be a jack of all trades and being able to handle multiple tasks; in which she is already doing.