Thanksgiving is slowly creeping upon us and you know what that means, nothing but family gatherings filled with laughter, food, drinks, and the unavoidable question of “why are you still single”.

This holiday season don’t stress out or freak out if you don’t have a significant other. There are other types of love that you have in abundance and you should be thankful for that. The love that you have for your family; it’s amazing. Let’s face it, the fact that you continue to love them pass their annoyance is proof of yourself restraint and selflessness. The love that you have between your friends is indescribable because they accept and love you for who you truly are. Besides, your friends love you through every drunken mistake, ugly cry, and bad decision. And finally, the most important love that you should be thankful for is self love. This self love journey might not always be face masks and bubble baths, but it’s the most rewarding. Loving yourself in spite of it all sometimes gives you the push you need.

So push through sisters. Love openly and wildly on this holiday season. Be thankful for being fierce, honest and loving with your whole heart.