The Hurdle Before The Finish Line


Success and failure are two words that mean two completely different things. We are often told that success comes from the norm of obtaining a good education, going off to college and maintaining a stable job. Most tend to disregard the true aspects and determination one must face while getting to the top. There is no straight road to success without some bumps along the way. Failure on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the concept of success. One must face failure in order to succeed. Some may think otherwise do to certain situations and circumstances.

The idea of not really knowing if you’re going to graduate on time with your friends can really be heartbreaking. You have the mindset that you all started together and you want to end together. Its like a bond that can only make your friendship stronger as a unit; to share that accomplishing moment together. As well as, making your family proud. This four year journey is an emotional ride with a lot of ups and downs.

Couple months ago, I got to watch some of my friends that I started with, not make it across the stage. At first it was a bit confusing because I thought we were all doing what we needed. It was tough because I didn’t really want to share my insight on their academic involvement on campus, nor judge anyone else. Let’s be real, who am I to tell anyone else about what they’re doing in school? We’re all the same age. However, it was also a bit sad because I didn’t know what my next steps would be either.

When you go off to college there’s something about freedom and adulthood that feels so right. We’ve come a long way from having our parents shadow and baby us; so when we’re on our own we feel as grown as them to make our own decisions. We can now eat whatever we want without the ‘rents monitoring. We can stay out as late as we want. We can sleep with our significant other every night. We can drink without them breathing down our throats. And, we decide whether or not class is an option. But, that’s not always the case if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to-to get that degree. It’s all fun and games until those grades are dropped.

The semester is at its halfway mark. Make the best of it. Get those last minute assignments in. Study for those midterms because they do matter. Just because they vary depending on the professor, take them serious. Every point towards your final grade counts. Keep your heads in the books for the remainder of the semester. It’s tough! I’ve mentioned it a few times before in my previous posts but, it’s all about the grind and struggle.

Keep in mind that there’s struggle before obtaining success.