Crying Cardi


With the talks of hubby, Offset, expected album, Cardi is a bit emotional and taken back by all of the work he’s putting into his first solo album. Last week on Twitter she mentioned, “I’m loving hubby album. It’s a very deep album. Intro made me cry twice.” after listening to some of his tracks.

Cardi has been far from emotional lately after constantly going back and forth with the Barbz, Nicki and the media. So, it’s good to see that with all that she has going on, she still has time to focus on her husband and his craft. She is defiantly showing signs of support as he continues to work on the album.

The Migos fan base is out of this world. But, can we blame them? The music trio is known for their creative, free flowing lyrics that can be easily connected through their fans.

While we are all still clueless to the production of the album, the “Motorsport” rapper teased its release date on Twitter earlier last week, “12-14-18”. This project will sum up the trio’s solo albums as both Quavo and Takeoff recently released their own works of musical art.