Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk, is a phenomenal, personal, honest, and impactful platform. It’s truly an experience, the Facebook series consists of her daughter Willow Smith and mother. To see three generations of women in a family discuss topics that are not of the norm in today’s society such as sexual freedom, motherhood, depression, and basically every life experience under one roof; is an amazing shift in culture.

This season starts off a little spicy with the first two episodes showcasing Will Smith. The Hollywood couple gets real and raw about their 20 year love story. The Smiths discuss their comical origin and how they became an item. For example, Will explains how he got Jada’s attention by demanding that she was seeing him and that she was his. They open up about the dark times within their union and how they had to tear the foundation down to create a new one. They also highlight how sometimes one has to destroy the idea of a fantasy love in order to truly gain true and authentic love. 

The old trope that communication is key, is true and somehow people underestimate it. We as humans understand how to talk and explain things; but we truly never understand how to gain understanding and actually hear what another person is saying. We have to make a conscious choice to understand what we want and need. That’s one of the major take aways from both episodes; especially episode 2. We often think that once you find your love, you find your happiness. However, your happiness is all dependent on you because if you aren’t happy with yourself how can someone else make you happy.

Even though, both episodes leave you smiling and crying at the same time, these episodes remind you what healthy love looks like. It reminds you that even in a relationship, you are allowed to put yourself first. And if you didn’t already love Will Smith, in the last 2 minutes of the episode, he states that he loves how Jada created this safe space based on her wants and no matter how bad he wanted to creates this for her, he couldn’t. Will then goes on to say “Because I never met anybody like you, and I knew if I wasn’t with you, I’d be searching in vain for the rest of my life.”

We all need a love like this.