Accepting a new beginning.

I have always been a romantic at heart, a sensitive smart ass; but still a romantic. The second season of Own’s Black Love documentary has come to an end, and after re-watching all of my favorite episodes; I have realized something about myself. With millennials not truly understanding what it means to be in love, this show has made me feel as though in the time of social media, it is possible to find love.

To hear and see couples not only love one another but to see that they are in love is amazing to see. This documentary makes all the romance novels, songs, and movies seem fake and repetitive. It allows viewers to follow real couples; celebrities and regular people. It breaks down what it means to love someone through sickness and in health, failed marriages, cheating, and a level of open honesty; that is missing nowadays.

Today, it warms my heart to see men and women talk about wanting to be together and present for monumental memories. I feel as though people want to be in a relationship for the perception. Being able to post on social media, take cute pictures and talk about with the girls are things of the norm. However, sometime people don’t want to put in the work to love and grow. They might not know how love, or even what the right things to do are. Correction, I think we are truly scared to be connected with someone else. But, we allow certain things to happen. We allow ourselves to be put in these situationships when we know that’s not what we want nor need. 

With these last few months of 2018 coming forward, I want to challenge myself and others to start a new beginning before the new year. Let’s get back to romance, let gets back to actually getting to know people and I mean openly, honestly and not holding back. Basically, I’m challenging you to put yourself out there to date and learn about people.  and I promise you will learn about yourself.