How many of you, previous season, claimed or said “I can’t wait until Fall season, it’s my favorite. I dressed the best in Fall.” Then, you end up with outfits with a basic ugg boot, leggings, and hoodie stolen from that hot guy you met over the summer on a really chilly night. I am here to say that it is okay, I am here to help. Today, it’s easy to fall into the social media trend of Fashion Nova but I tend to get so scared to shop on their website because everyone else is. I love to be different. I love to actually do my homework and do some fashion forecasting to see what’s the trend. Well ladies, I am here to put you on; trends of the week, colors of the season, hottest shoes to buy, new releases on high end brands, street wear, runway looks, your favorite celebrity looks and plenty more to do with fashion.

I want to introduce you ladies to Fall formally. With simple but settled colors that will have you looking forward to Fall/ Winter 2018/2019 collections and trends.



Pantone is the number one source for color trends and learning the color of the year that is most commonly see. Above are the top 10 colors for this Autumn and Winter. Keep in mind, when you see these colors, you will now understand and have a sense for this seasons’ trends.