We all know a good Halloween costume when we see one. Always pay attention to detail. Everything from the spray-on hair color to the cut crease is flawless. Of course, this includes nails too! If you really want your look to stand out from the crowd this year, check out these Halloween nail design ideas.

Bloody Mary: These ombre stiletto claws look blood stained with a glossy finish. You’ll definitely be killin’ it with this look.





Candy Corn: This is one Halloween treat that will look way better on your nails than in your basket. 


Cotton Candy Glow: If you love being EXTRA this is your chance! Throw out that spooky glow in the dark tee you got one year at camp and glow up with these nails sis.







Day of the Dead: With bright colors, skulls, and stiletto nails sharp enough to slay, you’ll definitely turn heads with this design.

Baddie Webs: Try a holographic design this year and prove that spider webs aren’t just creepy-they’re cool!






Mermaid Chic: If you’re going for a chic look, doll yourself up with pastel colors and rhinestones ! Who says you can’t get glam this Halloween.



Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton fans everywhere will notice these little faces! If you love A Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s time to go all fan-girl with these nails.






Poison Apple: This bright color combo on top of see-through nails are only for people who are ready to go big and go bold this season! These coffin-shaped nails are sure to kill the competition!


Pumpkin Spice: Nothing screams “Trick or Treat” louder than nails with pumpkins on them!







Poison Apple: Get real spooky with these creepy designs. This purple, black and green combo is the perfect match for a witchy costume!


Spidey Slay: This coffin nail design is a great way to add a bit of Halloween spirit to any glam look!










Drip: Dressing as a vampire this year and want to stand out from the crowd? Say no more.

To Die For: This bold addition to any daring costume is the perfect match for baddies who love a bit of danger.





Witchy Vibes: You can be sure to cast a spell that’ll work this year when your nails look this good!


Stilletto Smoke: This design is perfect if you came to slay this Halloween. From the glossy finish to the ombre smokey look, this one will  go down in the books!