Imagine putting your heart and soul into your costume, hair and makeup this Halloween, all for someone else to be wearing the same exact thing! The best way to avoid a Halloween look-a-like is to always put your own spin on things- and avoid the most popular costumes in Party City. Check out these unique Halloween makeup tutorials for inspiration so that you’ll stand out from the crowd this spooky season!

1. Pennywise & Harley Quinn

Want to sass up the classic clown look this Halloween? Why choose between your faves when you can combine two for a crazy clown look this year!

2. Violet Beauregarde

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was a childhood favorite but while everyone is dressing as Willy Wonka, you can be the snobby rich kid everyone loved to hate, Violet Beauregarde. Don’t forget to bring a pack of gum!

3. Scarecrow

This scarecrow is glam, creepy and huge spin from our friendly character in the Wizard of Oz but we love it.

4. Venom

If you’re into aliens and Marvel movies then this Venom tutorial is for you.

5. Glittery Mermaid

Beach waves, glitter scales and seashells are all apart of the slay for this Mermaid look.

6. Princess Shuri

WAKANDA FOREVER! What better way to show your love for the Black Panther, than to slay like the baddest scientist in the Marvel Universe.

7. The Mad Hatter

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

8. Medusa

Turn your haters to stone this Halloween. You’re sure to kill it with this Medusa look.

9. Neon Half Skull

Who says all Halloween looks have to be spooky? Try this fun and artistic neon skull; maybe you and your friends can try different colors.

10. La Llorona

You don’t want this ghost to catch up with you!  But if she looks this glam, maybe we can ask what eyeshadow palette she uses.