I think it’s safe to say that we’re all in agreement on Fall being the best season of the year (with its perfect weather, warm scents and cozy sweater vibes). I have decided to give you fall lovers the cheat code you’ve all been searching for. What to wear to each Autumnal event this year. You’re welcome.

These three inspired looks will have you dragging your friends to the orchard for hard cider tastings and your boyfriend to the pumpkin patch to carry home the biggest one you can find. 

  1. Apple picking

Apple picking season is short and sweet. I’m pretty sure that by the time you’ve seen people post their adorable pictures from atop a tree of the ripe fruit, you’ve already missed it. However, if you’re lucky enough to make it this year (or next, if you work most weekends like me), be sure to get dolled up to take a picture with that adorable whicker basket. Because apple orchards are grassier than a pumpkin patch, be sure to go all out with your outfit!

A corduroy or suede skirt with a baggy off the shoulder sweater and some leather booties will do the trick! And don’t forget to add that statement hat (Seriously, its key).


2. Pumpkin Picking

This may come as a shock to you, but it’s not easy to walk through a pumpkin patch in heels. If you read my last article (of course you did), you’ll know that chunky sneakers are in and they can even be used with; yes, a dress.

Try a dress in a fall color (burgundy, deep yellow, olive green, navy) with a plain white sneaker or bootie for this prize-winning look. Be sure to accessorize heavily to make up for the casual footwear choice. Layer a fall scarf or a statement necklace on top of your dress and put your hair in cute space buns. try an oversized denim jacket over the dress (button a low button and pull the top of the jacket up for an exposed shoulder look).


3. Wine Tasting

If you live anywhere near a vineyard or wine trail (Eh hem… Long Island, Upstate New York, New York City is even close enough in either direction) don’t walk, RUN to the nearest one and enjoy the transition from white to red. Savor every second of that pumpkin beer, hard apple cider and fall sangria my friends. If you live on the East Coast, it’ll be the one of your last outdoor activities for a few months. I usually like to get a little classy with my wine looks; ladies you might able to find Mr. Right. Anyway, I’m a bit creative when it comes to my looks; if I like the top of a romper but want to change it up because I have already worn it twelve times throughout the summer, I like to pair it with a skirt or pair of pants. Again, begin to layer on some accessories and throw on a nice neutral pair of wedges so no one can tell you’ve barely worn anything else since June! A long flowy skirt usually does the trick here. You can even try a pair of velvet pants (tis’ the season for velvet everything).

And there you have it, ladies! A fresh take on the basic Fall girl style.