It’s HALLOWEEN SEASON! It’s officially that time of year where it’s acceptable to pig out on multiple bags of candy and get spooked. This is the time when the sweetness of Fall gets an edgy makeover with black cats, scary movies, and tons of sweets.

If you love the season like I do then you’re eyes are glued to classic and original Halloween movies. Binge watching during the holidays can be the best way to spend your weekends or even a long day on the job. Channels such as ABC Family for their 31 Nights of Halloween or even watching movies like Freddy vs. Jason are great ways to start off the season of horror.

Whatever type of trick or treating that you intend to do, make sure you keep in thrilled with your loved ones. Go out, dress up and have fun with the only time of year where it’s okay to dress up taboo.   I hope the trick is plentiful because you can’t trick without getting something sweet.

It’s not trickin’ if you ain’t got it. Here are a few treats you can make right at home for this Spooktacular Season:

Cobweb Brownies     

Web out your brownies the best way you can.

Mummy Meatballs

It’s a wrap!

Dracula’s Dentures

It’s a mouthful!

Jekyll & Gin

These drinks come alive in the nighttime.

Black Magic Margs

Welcome to the dark side.

Jello Shots

Did someone say shots?