Greetings my traveling tenderoni’s, here are a few tips to flying efficiently.

1. Always check in for your flight the previous night. Most people don’t know this but, you have to check in at least 30 minutes prior to your flight. Oftentimes, you cannot print out your boarding pass. Or worse, if the flight has been sold out and you’re not checked in you could end up the first to lose your seat!

2. As simple as it sounds, make sure you double check the airport you’re leaving from. It happens, but it is unbelievable how one can end up at JFK with a flight to catch in 45 minutes all the way at Laguardia.

3. Arrive at the airport a minimum 2-3 hours prior to flight. Airports are busy and crowded. Getting through security can either be quick and easy or feel like your waiting in line at for a six flags ride. So plan to be ahead of the game.

4. Be super nice to the gate agents and flight attendants! They control whether or not you sit in the middle or by the window. We all know is the best seat. They are the ones that control how many complimentary glasses of wine and extra snacks you get during your flight. For example, on my way to Greece, I was feeling a little tipsy before the seat belt lights turned off! Thanks to my awesome attendants.

5. Unless you’re traveling for more than 1-2 weeks, try your best to fit everything into a carry-on suitcase. It saves you from the hassle of waiting for you luggage at baggage claim. Not to mention, killing yourself trying to get your huge suitcase off of the belt that moves faster than it looks.

6. Always double check if your hotel or Airbnb provides a car or shuttle service to and from the airport. It will save you loads of money and time looking for a ride once you’ve landed.