Good Laughs, Tequila Shots & Memories Made


What better place to celebrate a childhood friend turning 21 than Mexico! So you know what that means ladies, CANCUN. Think about it, seven girls, an all inclusive hotel, what do you think? We celebrated all right. We even managed to escape the beautiful country with only one mini cat fight. Nonetheless, the trip was filled with sun, the mesmerizing blue sea and tequila shots! Not to mention the bottomless pina coladas .. wink wink.

If you find yourself in Cancun, make sure you jet ski. For your sake, leave the wigs on the beach where they won’t die a slow death at the bottom of the Mexican sea. It was an amazing experience; better than when I did it in the Bahamas! You get this exhilarating feeling as you go full speed and the adrenaline kicks in as the jet ski hits the waves. Both you and the vehicle in the air for three nanoseconds, it’s amazing. Passing through each shade of blue in the ocean was like riding through a water rainbow. The splash of the waves cooling down my heated skin, the sun on my face and the wind trying to blow away my lash extensions was definitely the highlight of my trip.

As I’ve said before, there are a plethora of trips one can go on. For a girls trip in Cancun,  I advise in booking an all inclusive resort; where you’re always taken care of. You beat the hassle of splitting the bill, and as a young, hot, American girl your is SAFE! My girls and I were very aware of the dangerous state Mexico is currently in for US citizens. Although, I will mention one of the best all inclusive perks were the waiters patrolling the beach waiting to refill your cup.

Trip Tip: As I’m sure you all know, resort food is cool. But it definitely doesn’t hit that true, cultural Mexican cuisine. For that you will need to be a little adventurous and venture into town. Ask the workers at your resort where the good spots are. Take the shuttle or taxi from your hotel. Eat your hearts away.

If you want to party, find the club strip located on the same road where the hotels are. I hate to say it but nine times out of 10 all the best vacation spots have a strip where all your clubbing dreams come true. The strip had every hub from Senor Frogs to Fat Tuesdays. Picture it; twinkling lights, loud music and club promoters walking up to you. When the girls and I got there, we didn’t miss a beat, found ourselves a club with an open bar (which really meant watered down drinks all night- but it had decent American music we could vibe too), and a crowd that “appreciated” us girls. Needless to say make it to the strip!

Mexico is a classic trip to take, especially with your girls. It has a pleasant balance between relaxation, sunbathing and getting loose with a million light and dark tequila shots; I’m talking with salt and limes.

Trip Tip: Bring sunscreen ladies! That heat will have you peeling like a potato by the time you get home.