Since Fall has begun, I have noticed the trend of a “clean slate”. Whether or not we want to admit it, Mercury is out of retrograde. (Sorry ladies, can’t blame the stars for your crazy right now) It’s time to start fresh this season; wardrobe and all.

Here are 5 items you’ll need in your closet if you want to reinvent yourself as an influencer while staying true to your own classic style staples.

1. Let’s start off simple and obvious here, shall we? The chunky sneaker.

If you haven’t seen this bad boy on every runway from New York to Paris this past season, we need to get you a bottle of wine to finish while you read a Vogue magazine pronto! Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, FILA, whatever the brand, make them your own! Pair them with a cute sundress or a pair of camouflage cargo pants before you strut. The days of painful heels to appeal to the trendy demographic are over ladies! Well, not really but you now have the option of throwing this comfortable shoe on AT LEAST three times a week.

2. Neon sets. Need I say more?

This bright new look is taking off with the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I am all about hoping on the colorful train to this trend. Living in NYC, surrounded by a sea of black, it should come as no surprise why I’m latching on to this rebellious vibe and never letting go. The trick here is to match everything involved. Neon green crop top? Pair it with a matching skirt or jogger, a neon green pair of heels and, you guessed it, a neon green (mini) purse; you’re now a resident celebrity.              (Side hint: mini purses also trending hard right now.)

3. PVC 

I have to admit, when I first saw the PVC trend rising, I was as skeptical as every other 20 something; sitting in her bed, candles lit, Instagram open above her head with a look of confusion upon her face. After purchasing my second PVC item (tote bag and heels), I have to say, it’s as transparent as the fashion world will ever be. With the transparent trend on the rise, it’s no wonder we’ve seen recent spin off’s such as the holographic versions which show flashes of the rainbow with every slight move. This may be a tough decision… I’ll take one of each, please.

4. Let’s talk LAYERS

It’s not exactly a coincidence that clothes are getting thinner over the years upon the arrival of cold weather. With layering becoming more popular, it would be hard to look cute in that sweater and a denim jacket combo if they were both too hot. And it appears that the look is here to stay! You can simply layer a lace bodysuit, under a chunky crop sweater for a playful lunch date. Layer a multi-colored flannel over a solid long sleeve tee (with some heeled booties) and run off to that business casual coffee meet up! The options of layering are really endless babes; and again, it’s all about adding your own flare, so have fun with it!

5. Accessories 

Speaking of layering, who’s up for a change of pace from clothing to accessories? You? Okay great! Stacking rings and bracelets off all different metals is THE power move this season. Let’s be honest, your skin is glowing from your leftover summer tan, you don’t need to constantly remove your jewelry to go in the ocean anymore, and you’re dying to look like you are bohemian at the heart of it all. Dainty pieces are the perfect way to achieve this look because they look incredible piled up, without looking overbearing on our lady parts (arms/hands/ears). So pick out your zodiac sign in a necklace, find your initial on a ring, buy that coin necklace that everyone is so obsessed with! SHOP TILL’ YOU DROP!

6. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a thing again guys. Seriously never thought I’d be writing this. I can’t lie, I’ll give it a whirl with a fall pattern, to put a touch on a feminine outfit, before Autumn ends… but I won’t be thrilled about it. While this look is very trendy right now and I do appreciate the fact that these scrunchies last longer than the little black hair ties that snap on my thick hair every two days, I feel like this trend is going to fizzle out rather quickly. It does add another look to our seemingly boring “everyday” hairstyles though… What are your thoughts on scrunchies?

7. Cheetah-licious

   NYFW showed us that Cheetah print is back in style. My only question is when did it go out? Cheetah print has been a staple item in every woman’s closet since the dawn of time. Literally, women in cave outfits were rocking this stuff! Cheetah pants, cheetah slip dresses, cheetah booties; they essentially bring a pop of wild child into any outfit with just a simple pattern. If you want to be bold, try finding some cheetah print in fun colors like Kendall Jenner’s red printed pants. It gives the style an updated touch that we didn’t even know it needed.