It’s almost that time of the year again! From the basic b*tch pumpkin spice lattes’ and candles? Cold weather? Haunted houses? Most of all,  layering up so we can really start dressing! Honorable mention, candy corn. If you made a face, you’re just as basic as the pumpkin spice population. As preparation for this upcoming holiday, here are some of the best television shows to help get into the festivities. Instead of the typical horror movie, you can binge watch as much as you want all the while watching quality tv. Biased as that may be, let’s get into it. Queen October is here and we need to be ready!

American Horror Story

Directed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story has become a hit since the airing of its first season seven years ago. Murphy creates the most twisted characters and blesses the audience enough to put them on the screen. Furthermore, he has managed to bring to life an entire universe and timeline that has so much twists and turns. All the while, creeping me out the entire time. Not to mention actors such as Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, and Emma Roberts give stellar performances. This show will most definitely leave you confused but it finds a way to draw you in anyway. Some of my favorite seasons include Asylum and Coven. Currently, there are seven seasons and the anticipation of a new one. Season eight, Apocalypse, aired September 12th, 2018!

Bates Motel

Based on the fictional character Norman Bates, Bates Motel portrays the life of Norma (his mother) and her psychotic child. Literally, that’s the only way to describe him. It’s pretty accurate. The film, Psycho, directed by Alfred Hitchcock serves as sequel to this show. Previous to the events in the movie, the show tells the audience what took place before. Norman Bates in a nutshell is in fact a nutcase who is very much so in love with his own MOTHER and has a murderous mentality. Throughout the serious, you can see how his demeanor evolves as he becomes more twisted in his actions. As this happens, his mother attempts to cover up for him the whole time, god knows why. Even Rihanna makes an appearance in its final season! A must watch, no matter how crazy Norman is.

Death Note

One word. Masterpiece. Very much so deserving, Death Note, centers around a regular high school student, Light Yagami. A notebook called “The Death Note” owned by the demon, Ryuk, finds its way into his life and that’s where things take a turn. This book has the ability to kill off anyone whose name is written inside as long as the user knows the face and given name. Hence, the name of the book. Oh, the irony. With this power, Light assigns himself the role of “God” as sees it as his duty to rid the world of criminals. As this is happening, a task force led by “L”, a famous detective, attempt to track him down without knowing his actual identity. This show is the epitome of “battle of wits”. The two main characters, Light and L are extremely intelligent and it’s entertaining to watch. P.S: the opening theme song is creepy as hell.

Harper’s Island

When this show first aired, I was immediately hooked. Before, we were introduced to popular shows like American Horror Story, Harper’s Island was it! Furthermore, even though there is only one season, it managed to be great either way. The main character, Abby Mills returns back to her hometown on Harper’s Island, for her best friend’s wedding. Originally, she left because her mother was actually murdered. As soon as she arrives back in town, killings begin happening all over again. The murderer is among her group and closer than she thinks. Throughout the series, things you’d never expect to happen along with jaw dropping reveals take place. You find yourself playing detective! This show deserves more recognition so here you guys go.

Penny Dreadful

I always like to say, the UK has some of the best television content. Period. Penny Dreadful has many iconic characters from famous British and Irish Gothic fiction mixed into a plot that is heavenly. Or hellish, whatever. The creator of this show, John Logan, presents us with characters such as Victor Frankenstein and his monster, Count Dracula, Dorian Gray, etc. Set in Victorian London, the show focuses on a man, Sir Malcolm whose daughter is kidnapped by monsters. That’s right. They are definitely real. Along with his two accomplices, Vanessa Ives who is a psychic and Ethan Chandler, a sharpshooter, they work together to find his daughter all the while killing some monsters throughout. One thing that I can say about this show is that it is absolutely gruesome and disgusting. Which is great! The set production is magnificent, a definite A plus.

Stranger Things

Don’t let the little cute picture I used fool you, Stranger Things is one of the best shows to date in my opinion. You’d think because children make up most of the main cast it’d be childish or not worth watching in terms of horror. Boy, how wrong you are. Set in the 1980s, a young boy by the name of Will goes missing. In the events that follow, a lot of freaky things starts happening. There’s a bald girl with telekinesis, a monster in the other “dimension”, etc. I loved the soundtrack for this show as well as the many references to the pop culture in that time period. From arcades, references to movies like Ghostbusters, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, this show is the epitome of the 80s. All the while having a mysterious plot that keeps the audience hooked.


Let me just mention, this show is definitely a journey. Literally, you will feel like you go through all the trials and tribulations right alongside these iconic characters. If a show has thirteen seasons you might as well! Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who hunt supernatural beings as a living. From early childhood they hunt everything from werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, demons, and so much more. Some people complain about the length of the seasons but you come to enjoy this show. The plot, character background and development, as well as the acting is great. Supernatural will forever be one of my favorite shows. There is a lot more I can say but that’d ruin the plot. What I can say though is be prepared for frustration.

Teen Wolf

A guilty pleasure of mine, let’s get into why Teen Wolf deserves to be on this list. Of course, based on the 1980’s movie, this show focuses on Scott McCall who is attacked by a werewolf and turned into one himself. Throughout the series, you watch as he tries to balance this new life while attempting to protect his family, friends and loved ones. It’s one of those teen shows that you can’t get enough of to be honest. It has just enough werewolf fights to keep you addicted!

The Walking Dead

Since its first airing, The Walking Dead has definitely set the tone and brought back the popularity of horror tv. Throughout this ongoing series, we are presented with a sheriff, Rick Grimes and others who are constantly trying to survive the hell that they have been dropped into. After waking up from a coma, Rick realizes that most of the population has been infected and turned into zombies. In the beginning, the show starts off mighty slow but don’t let this throw you off. You get a feel of the main characters and their background stories. Only after, you will then get into the juicy gore. And there’s a lot of it. Rick and his group have to fend off not only “Walkers” but humans as well. My favorite thing about this show would have to be the characters. When a show gets me to cry over a characters death (this is not a spoiler!), that’s when I know I am hooked. Tune in to this show if you’d like to see turf wars, cannibalism, and zombies galore!