With the season of love approaching, heart break should be the least of your troubles. 

As a #Girlpreneur, my main goal is to collaborate with creative and innovative entrepreneurs such like myself to help produce digital marketing content. I would like to enhance their image and help bring attention to their products and services by using social media platforms. Having platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are beneficial when running a business because it can be used for finding potential consumers. Being able to work with new startups has become one of my strong suits.

Raheem Newton, 21, senior majoring in Business Administration at SUNY Buffalo State and Saquan Herrera, 24, majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, alumni from SUNY Buffalo, started this line to enhance the culture of street wear.

Heart Break NY is said to not be classified as a brand. Nor a product. It is a representation of a lifestyle one must live. The upcoming clothing line is a mixture of urban and vintage. With an a ray of colors and embroidered patches, HBNY is mending hearts one piece at a time.

This past week, Trevor Mcgloire, photographer and videographer, I teamed up to unveil a few of HBNY pieces by produce advertisement through digital marketing such as a mini commercial and a few appealing photos of his products. For the commercial, I was inspired by the versatility of the brand and how the pieces came together; so I added a mini look book to the shoot. Living in Buffalo, there are an abundance of different buildings and landmarks that are head turning. We wanted to highlight some of the architecture Buffalo had to offer.

“The brand has multiple interpretations of heart break.” Herrera said. “The two faces are very significant to the line. The sad face signifies those who have been broken down and depressed. The happy face on the other hand, deals with those who are able to bounce back.” 

Newton took control on the image of HBNY. He wanted to step his marketing up by producing a video with some of his original pieces. The colorful collection was inspired by the bright colors in relation to dark colors associated with being heartbroken. Colors such as red and black are often used to describe sad, depressed and anger. He wanted to take a shift in color showing that you can be bright and stand out while mending your broken heart.

“Heart Break NY is something that people can relate to,” Newton said. “A heartbreak doesn’t always have to be sad. It’s what you make of it and it all depends on the situation you’re in. The brand was created to mend my heart from all of the relationships and family issues that I’ve gone through. I want to fix the hearts of who has been broken with art, fashion and creativity.”