In today’s society, you will find women becoming more in tuned with working with one another. The culture shock of women creating their own businesses and organizations have paved the way for millennial young women to feel entitled to beat the status quo. We are embracing our creativity and innovative skills by teaming up to help the communities around us for future female change makers.

On Saturday, September 22, The Girlpreneur Guide had the opportunity of attending a women empowerment brunch in the Buffalo community. Florence Ayeni, a junior majoring in Public Health at University at Buffalo, held a Woman to Woman Brunch showcasing student leaders within the Buffalo collegiate community.

She is a #Girlpreneur by the way she inspires, empower and create networks to support the community. She likes to meet new people and help them in anyway. She wants to open businesses that motivates others while being able to give back.

Ayeni owns her own clothing line Go With The Flo (GWTF). Her inspiration stemmed from her love of graphic tees and different clothing designs. She uses her basic and simple style to make a statement that reflects her line. She also has FloItis, a platform where she aspires to motivate people through words and events.

“Go With The Flo is my way of saying that life has a plan for us even if it’s different from what we expect,” Ayeni said. “Most of the time we can’t force things to happen. We just have to go with the flow.”

The Woman to Woman Brunch is an event to remind young women to use college as a resource to network and build your brand. She believes that college is the place to gain knowledge and connect with those around you. According to Ayeni, the brunch is a safe haven where women have the opportunity to be themselves, express their opinions and network with other young women on the rise.

“I felt like people wait until they’re out of college to come together and have events like this,” Ayeni explained. “Why wait? There is so much to talk about while in college.”

Her diverse panelists of young women from SUNY Buffalo State and University of Buffalo were created because of their urge to give back to their communities. One of her missions while having her business is to highlight the importance of giving back and making an impact; especially those of underprivileged.

Deborah Amponsah, CEO of Sole

Maimouna Ndiaye, CEO of Golden Roots Organic

Stephanie Adjei, Founder of Sankofa Afro Project

Sherifat Alaka, Founder of C&S Angels

The young women leaders of tomorrow were chosen because they all inspired Ayeni as she cultivated the event. She admired their drive for empowering other people from different countries and backgrounds to become one with themselves and uplift.

With the success of her first event, she hopes to make the second brunch bigger and better. She would like to expand her audience by catering to women from all careers; not only business. She would like to embrace the culture of millennial entrepreneurship by targeting women to be strong and powerful. For the next event, Ayeni hopes to bring the same culture to New York City by expanding her crowd and panelists to reach a wider audience. She would like to continue to idea of bringing women together for a better purpose.

“We need to start building connections for the future,” Ayeni said. “We don’t know how much we can really help one another.”

Ayeni would like to grow her businesses as big as those who has inspired her to be the woman she’s growing to be. She would like to work with Abigail Jade, Calah Jones, Lavish Ruby and Karen Civil. Their work and what they do are paving the way for young women. Their platforms are utilized to give back to different communities and engage; in which she works towards.

“I feel like collaboration is really important in growing. And growth is really important in all aspects.”