Understanding that we have control of whether or not food is the enemy. I love food. I love chicken wings. I love pizza. I love french fries. I love it all. Back when I was 70 pounds heavier, I was so ashamed to say I loved food. Why? Because I knew my love for food reflected off of my physical appearance.

Now? I don’t give a damn who knows about my obsession with food. FOOD IS GOOD! But, food can be my worst enemy if I let it.

I’ve learned that with moderation and control, you are still able to love food just as much. I’ve also learned that a healthy, balanced diet is incredibly important to maintain and/or lose weight.

Let me be honest, I don’t care for “diets” – I don’t like to say I am dieting. I like to say that I make it a priority to eat healthy and to be aware of what and how much I consume in a day. Before I really started seeing results in my weight loss journey, I was dieting…which wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Before I continue on, I want to underline something;

Some things that work for you may not work for others & vise-versa.

I have to say this because I know many, many people who implemented dieting in their day to day and seen AMAZING results. So – it DOES work. Just not for me.

Dieting doesn’t work for me because like I said earlier, I love food way too much. However, I’ve grasped the concept of moderation and control. As long as you portion your meals and don’t make a habit of eating pizza for dinner every night, it isn’t the end of the world.

My body doesn’t need pizza every night (although I would LOVE that). But, it definitely needs enough carbs or I will feel light headed or drowsiness. However, be mindful, there are healthy carbs that are just as fulfilling.

My weight loss journey wouldn’t have been and continue to be as successful if I hadn’t had a balanced diet and exercise routine.

Another important part of this whole dieting controversy is understanding what your body needs. Questions you may want to think about to start off:

What is my starting weight?

What is my goal weight? How many calories should I consume to lose weight/gain weight/maintain my weight?

How am I going to break down my day to day consumption (do I need to consume fewer carbs, more carbs, more protein, etc.)?


There’s so many questions I encourage you to jot down because nothing is more helpful than mastering what your body needs from you. The more knowledgeable you are, the more receptive your body will be.

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. 21 DAYS! Be the change you want to see. It honestly starts with you.

It’s all about balance – mind, body, and soul. When you sit down and become at peace with your inner self, you have no idea how bad ass you can be.