Since the litness of summer has come to an end, and the crisp warmness of fall has blown in; it makes you reflect on the sun blazing and sweat filled season. Although fall is in a couple of days, it does not mean the turn up has to end.

Imagine it’s a perfect sunny day and the birds are chirping. You have the day off and your friends are ringing down your phone trying to make Sunday plans. Now ladies , you know what this means.

“Brunch is that you sneaking up on us?”

   Brunch is the only thing that is acceptable for day drinking. Being drunk or a little buzzed by 3pm can be deemed as a good and bad things. Spending time with your friends can be a a great wine down from a long work filled week. But, it gets a little risky when you start drunk texting.

In order to have the perfect brunch; the recipe calls for your gang of friends, great food, and unlimited mimosas. If we’re being truthful, paying $20 for an unlimited supply of liquor only adds to the great memories you create. The best brunches are when you’re 5 or more mimosas in and plotting in DM’s; and let me be your conscience, do it! Send that text, snap, emoji to shoot your shot and enjoy your blessing.

And brunch doesn’t have to be exclusive to the weekend; the following recipes will help you brunch in style no matter what day of the week it is. Remember, the best days are unplanned and the best moments are only good if you can’t really explain, have fun brunchin’.

Ladies, Brunch has 8 letters, so I’m giving you 8 recipes to get you buzzed up.

1. Bagel Breakfast Sliders

Bacon, egg and cheese just got a little upgrade.

2. Mini Pancake Stacks

Bring on the B-A-C-O-N!

3. Fruity Pebble French Toast

Finally two childhood favorites combined.

4. Croissant Breakfast Boat

Who doesn’t love a one stop pastry?

5. Mimosa Fruit Salad

Fruit salad BOOZED UP!

6. Raspberry Mimosa

Raspberry in a Mimosa?

7. Mermaid Mimosa

Get swept into the sea with this on.

8. Porcesso Punch

Brunchin’ & Punchin’

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