The Boldest Boss Babe Hairstyles at Essence Street Style

Fashion and beauty mavens from around the country strutted around in Brooklyn at the Essence Street Style event during NYFW. The Girlpreneur Guide asked some boss babes for advice on how to slay a bold new hairstyle!

Pink Vibes

Award-winning singer and Essence Sreet Style honoree  Kelis featured with designer and CEO of Prom Scholar, Shahedah Williams.

Photo courtesy of Malik McNeil

Coils, Coils, Coils

Sophisticated Loc Salon stylist Shaquora Bey created flawless coils at the Shea Moisture booth. “To get this look it’s important to use the right products,” said Bey. “You don’t want to use products that have wax in it or alcohol that could dry out your hair or create build up.” Bey used the Shea Moisture Laydown Lacquer, to slay this look.

Model: @_conscientia_

Deep Green Afro Hair

“I choose this style because to me it says, ‘Big hair don’t care!’”

Model: @nymeria_gray

Platinum Blonde Box Braids with Side Cut

“I did the color and shaved the side of my head first and then I did the braids. You don’t have to do everything at once, you can take steps.”

Model: @kvngkhxli

Hot Pink Buzz Cut

“I was inspired by unicorns to do this hairstyle! For girls who want to go bold, I’d say just be yourself and be free!”

Model: @iambellahendrix

Ombre Pastel Box Braids

“Don’t be afraid to try something new, because in your head you think it’ll look weird. I was scared to try this color on my hair, but once you try it you might actually like it!”

Model: @pashfashdiva

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