Falling in Leaves

Fall has finally kicked into high gear, the leaves are turning that warm glow of brown and orange from their vibrant green. The air is crisp with a light breeze. There’s a faint smell of cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin in the air. What’s better than a warm fall day or cozy night?

Well the only things missing from the ambience is a tasty snack, strong drink, and a warm blanket. Falling in love with fall, means falling in love with all things cinnamon, maple, vanilla, and pumpkin. Whether these flavors are scents in candles, parts of a festive sangria, or house decorum; the fall season brings all things heartfelt.

What warms the heart better than a Hot Toddy? This is a personal fall favorite of mine. Any flavor of tea will pair with lemon, honey, and a splash of Hennessy. Personally, any home remedy that allows a splash of liquor, can solve any problem.

Whether you’re falling in leaves, love, blankets, or falling for yourself; remember the best things make you warm all over ladies.

Fall Taste Testers

Bloomin’ Apple: Mouth watering isn’t it?

Pumpkin Bread: It’s better than pumpkin pie

Chicken Parm Dippers: Chicken Parm just got handheld

Bloomin’ Onion Bites: Mini Onion Rings?

Chicken Alfredo Bread Boat: You can eat a whole loaf without the guilt

Apple Cider Sangria: Apple Cider with a twist

Fireball Apple Slushies: Slushies with a kick, literally!

Cranberry Margarita: Cranberries just got a bit sweeter

Boozy Apple Cider: Apple Cider to go

Apple Cider Margaritas: Tis’ the season of apples

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