Double Standards

Reality Check: Women Want Sex Too

The double standard between men and women seeking to fulfill their needs is outdated, and needs to be put to rest.

Picture this, you’re out at a bar and you witness two groups of people. You’ve got your typical group of guys looking for ladies to spend the night with, and you’ve got your girls looking to get a nice buzz and see what the night holds ahead of them. Soon enough, the two groups migrate toward one another and they’re all mingling. You notice one of the guys and one of the girls hitting it off and they ultimately leave together. Now, you’re no rocket scientist, but you’re pretty sure you know what that means. The first thought that enters your mind is how easy that girl must be since it didn’t take long for her to leave with someone she hardly knew.

Now, take a step back and ask yourself something for me. Why are you not questioning the guy?

This is something that happens way too often in today’s day and age. Women are often shamed for their sexual choices while nobody bats an eye at men for just having the thought in their head. What makes a man wanting to have sex much more acceptable than a woman wanting it? Don’t we all have needs?

This world of ours has held onto the idea that women still need to present themselves in a particular way. This meaning that we should still keep ourselves completely covered, have dinner ready as soon as our husband gets home from work, and never do anything that can be deemed unladylike. Of course we now have more freedom pertaining what we wear and we work hard for our own money, and people seem to understand that concept! But, what people aren’t grasping is the fact that as a woman, we have the power to make our own choices as well, and this includes when we decide we want to get laid.

A man can go out of his way to snatch up a woman for a late night lay and all of his buddies will praise him for it, yet the woman will then be shamed endlessly for letting herself enjoy a man’s company for the rest of the night. What’s wrong with two consenting adults choosing to explore each other’s body for pleasure? Uh, absolutely nothing. A woman has the same amount of rights to her body as a man does, whether or not some people want to believe that (that’s a story we can get into another time.)

The point is, stop praising men for actions you are shaming women for doing as well. Stop allowing the idea that all women must be pure and obedient to blind you from the truth of the matter. It’s 2018. Women are dominating the business world. Women are making a name for themselves in politics. And yes, women are having a lot of sex. Why? Because they feel like it.

So get out of that 19th century mindset and start learning to accept that your buddy from the football team isn’t the only one in the room who might be looking to mess up their sheets tonight. Instead, start paying more attention to how you can pleasure the shy girl from your psychology class who’s waiting to have a good ass time.

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