Who Needs a Man When You’ve Got Your Hands?

Why women should start embracing the pleasures their bodies can bring.

For some women, masturbation has become a dirty word and an even dirtier action. It’s treated as if it’s a sin to even consider exploring yourself in any kind of way. The big question is, why? Why is the idea of touching your own body to find out what makes us go weak in the knees viewed negatively? Most of all, why should we be ashamed if we want to experience that pleasure by ourselves?

There has always been a stigma surrounding the idea of female masturbation. Some feel as if it’s a “slutty” action and signifies that a woman could be “easy.” Some may feel that pleasure should be provided by a man (considering the fact that it has been forced into a woman’s brain for centuries on end that we need a man to get anything done.) Others may just not have any clue about the actual benefits that masturbation can have so they don’t even attempt finding out.

Truth be told, nobody is going to know your body better than you, so there is absolutely no shame in finding out which points of your body make you want to scream. Exploring your body can not only give you the power of knowing what makes you get off, but letting a potential partner know all the right spots to hit. Most importantly, it also helps you to understand the female anatomy. Usually in seventh grade health class, you learn about the male body, sexual intercourse and pregnancy. Not many teen girls get to learn about the clitoris, an orgasm, or any other aspect of what pleasure could be. It’s never a bad thing to get to know your body, even if you have to do it on your own.

One thing that’s super great about masturbating as a female is the possibility of achieving MULTIPLE ORGASMS. Seriously, it’s one of the most amazing things about being a woman. Men typically do not climax until the end of a sex session, but women are able to continue on for as long as they’d like. Which means that a woman can get herself off as many times as she wants without restrictions. Plus, masturbation is a whole lot safer. You don’t have to worry about catching any STDs or getting pregnant.

Other than being a safer alternative to sex, the health benefits from masturbating are incredible. Masturbating actually increases your dopamine and oxytocin levels, which can boost your mood and make you extremely happy. The orgasms that are experienced from masturbating can also help you fall asleep faster, as it relieves the tension that is felt throughout the body and will help to exhaust it – thus tiring you out enough to get a good night’s rest. As the orgasm alleviates your tension, it can also relax you enough to relieve any stress you may be dealing with. Masturbating can also clear up your sinuses when you have a head cold or allergies.

Masturbation isn’t only for men like society has deemed it to be. It is for anyone who is looking to bring on pleasure without the assistance of another partner. It’s an enjoyable experience that can benefit your body in more ways than one. But most of all, it is a completely normal and healthy action for all women to try. So, kick back, relax and have a ménage à moi.

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