What the F?

Let’s talk about foodgasms

Picture your favorite food, does it make your mouth water at the thought? Is it salty or sweet? Dare I say, does it give you a foodgasm? Foodgasms have become something of the norm. We tend to indulge into things to make us happy. For some it is fills a void of happiness and joy. And for others it’s a stress reliever when undergoing a painful break up or a hard day from work. Truth be told, food can satisfy your needs better than a lover can sometimes.

I see it as a way to dive into some of your favorite meals, top cosmos and snack away with a must have treat. My sweet tooth sensation comes from chocolate. I believe that chocolate has a way of working its wonders. Whether it’s for a midnight snack with a glass of milk, romantic evening with bae and strawberries or even white chocolate martini. Chocolate has this tingling feeling known as a aphrodisiac that excites one into having a great mood. Plus anything that’s chocolate,rich, and sweet is a combination that I need access to.

Foodgasms have transcended into the world of alcohol. Have you ever had your favorite dessert into a nice, classy cocktail? Well if you haven’t, you need to ask your local bartender to research some zesty drinks. From a Caramel Apple Bomb to a Raspberry Truffle Martini, cocktails are storming the way into the foodgasm chain one drink at a time.

Next time you’re in a funk and need a little pick me up, refer to this list and thank me later.

September’s Foodgasms Must Try

Honey Chipotle Chicken: This sauce gives you just enough of zest and sweetness.

Spaghetti Squash Pepperoni Pizza Boats: Healthy alternative into a classic.

Maple Rosemary Pork Tenderloin: Maple never looked this glazed.

Pumpkin Dump Cake: Who doesn’t love pumpkin?

Apple Crisp Cheesecake: Apple Crisp never looked this good!

Apple Cider Mimosas: Orange juice who?

Autumn Cran-Orange Margarita: Activate your tastebuds with this sweet drink.

Caramel Apple Mule: The perfect caramel apple to go.

Maple Bourbon Old-Fashioned: Just enough of sweet and spice to warm you right up.

Kahlúa Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate: Pumpkin Spice and Hot Chocolate? Bring it on!

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