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Public service announcement to all travelers and aspiring travelers, be nice to your flight attendants, if done right, you’re looking at extra goodies, including alcohol, wink wink!

I wouldn’t call myself a world traveler just yet, but I’ve been around the block a few times. More than enough times to have picked up some helpful tips, obnoxiously hilarious stories and create everlasting memories. I have been blessed enough to see Paris, Mexico, Sweden, Greece, Rome, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, Canada, Croatia and the British Virgin Islands; all by the age of 22. Don’t get me wrong I am not rich at all, I work, pay taxes and parking tickets I totally didn’t deserve, just like everyone else. Here is a little back-story, just so we’re all caught up. My older sister is a flight attendant, so I am on her flight benefits. In other words, I fly standby. Yea, sounds worth the risk, until you’re facing 24 hours in a airport in Paris, or spend three days in Rome, waiting for a open seat heading back to the States. Believe me, it could happen.

Why travel? Because I love to see the world, experience what different cultures have to offer, and live in the moment. There are many different type of trips you can take: with your girls, sister, family and even a “bae-cation”. I’ve done most of these and they each can be fun in their own way. You just have to know the tricks that can help make your vacation run smoothly, less expensive and fun-filled. I am here to share my experiences, embarrassing memories and most of all provide tips that have definitely been game changers on my abroad excursions.

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