It’s Lonely at the Top

At the top it’s just us … me 

She’s Assertive

She’s Beauteous

She’s Complete…or not?

Without being perplex, we have about three relationship statuses:

In a relationship

Single and mingling

Single and focused on other things

It’s not uncommon for women to be successful with a side of “loneliness”. When you google synonyms for the term “single”, you’ll see words such as unattached and free. When you put it this way, it seems to me that there is a disconnect in the way relationships are viewed. Unattached from another human being? What exactly are you free from?

I suppose she is free from the restrictions that a relationship can bring. Tied-up is one synonym they use for relationships, how ironic! For the women perceived as having it all together, it can be difficult to find a significant other. She is well put together in life, as far as everyone can see. She is devoted to her own self-development and progression in her workplace. She has a firm foundation. And she has time to build on her own.

 This can cause intimidation by her presence alone when she’s around men who may be of a lower caliber. Many affiliate relationships with the success of an individual, in all actuality, the woman focused on herself doesn’t require a relationship to feel secure. Love is a beautiful thing and dating can be a thrill, but also a distraction. No matter how successful a couple is, decisions will be influenced by the person in your life. You lose a piece of your “free-ness” that I referred to earlier. Without the constriction of someone else, you are free and unattached from that liability.

Aside from that, there is a lot of energy exerted as girlprenuers do what they do best, push the limit, live out their dreams and more. Today, the work field is becoming more competitive as more people pursue higher education, creating their own businesses and becoming technologically savvy. Even working a 9-5, requires more attention when you’re trying to grow with the company. You don’t want to hinder your work or a relationship so it just isn’t your main focus.

Successful relationships call for some passiveness from a Girlboss, which is difficulty to switch on when she’s used to being more assertive in the roles she plays daily. Someone interested in you will notice this quality and approach you in a way that shows they are also about their business. It’s possible to have two successful people in a relationship, but they more than likely were on that journey before meeting someone with such drive. The high-caliber woman can meet someone who requires more motivation to get things done which can deter her.

For my girl bosses reading this, be honest with yourself, have you sacrificed a possible opportunity for the sake of a relationship ever? What decisions, big or small have you second guessed because of how it make affect someone else?

Reflect on this and it will help you determine whether you’re ready to make the necessary adjustments to do what it takes to be in a relationship as successful as you’ve been working to be.

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