Paranoia “In Da Club”

I’d say I was a late bloomer when it came to drinking and was sort of indifferent to spending so much money and time on alcohol, but when my friends introduced me to the club and bar scene, I fell in love. There’s something so beautiful and almost movie-like about being surrounded by people with the same chaotic energy as yourself. Having everyone dancing and singing in unison to their favorite songs blasting through the speakers of a tiny crowded bar. And if you happen to be out on a night where a good DJ is playing, it’ll feel like they’re hold the playlist to our generation. It’s one of those luxuries of being young, wild and free.

As I started going out more, I paid closer attention to patterns. For example, I know which bars play certain genres of music, have the cheapest drinks and the clientele at each bar. Being in Buffalo, Allentown and Chippewa are worlds of their own, and each have a completely different personality. No matter who you are, you’ll likely to find a home in at least one of these bar towns.

Having an electric Friday night out in the town with your friends is all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. People have to be cautious when it comes to patterns in bars. Some are known for having fights each weekend and others for having victims that were roofied. Most people assume that the cause is solely racially driven, but I disagree. We all know that world consists of people have bad intentions and tons of hatred in their heart. This saddens me for everyone because as men and women, who are young and just want to have fun, we have to maintain a certain level of paranoia when all we want to do is let loose and wind down after having a long week of work or school.

Recently, While I was dancing with my friends in the back of one of the bars downtown Buffalo, I suddenly became paranoid. Not because of the music, or lights but because of how filled the bar was getting. I was afraid of someone coming in with a gun. If you’re not from Buffalo, then you should know that our city is a little dangerous. So this made me think of the shooting that happened a few years ago at a club in Florida. I started to look around for areas that I could have potentially hide in. I know, I know. I sound crazy. But, can you blame a girl for thinking like this. Have you guys been paying attention to all of the crazy things happening around the world? There are extreme issues going on at college institutions, movie theaters and public places. A bar isn’t quite far from those locations.

This world that we live in can be very scary at times because you can never really anticipate or expect certain tragedies in life to occur. While this thought is always in the back of my mind, it also gives me a renewed appreciation for life and those carefree times that I spend with my friends or take advantage of. Though we need to remain cautious, I hope that people won’t let fear and paranoia prevent them from enjoying their youth. This situation has taught me that it’s good to live with a little fear in your heart, mind and soul. Don’t you think so? Think about it. It allows you to stay guarded and grounded. That way, when something does happen, you’re aware of the situation and can dissect the issue in the best possible way.


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