Gods on an Island

Everyone remembers their first vacation. Do you? I’m talking about the type of vacation where you feel grown and sexy with your girlfriends. Meet cute boys on the beach. Do you see where I’m going with this one?

I just graduated high school and gifted with a trip abroad with my mother and a couple of friends. It was August 2014. We were off to the Bahamas! Nassau, Long Island to be exact. This happens to be where my mother came from.

So we arrive at the hotel and there were three adults; my mother, her friend and my cousin. Then there were my two friends. We were all current graduates and excited for our independent college days ahead of us. So to give us a little freedom, the “adults” decided to let us have our own room and they’d share a room. When we got wind of the plans, we were beyond static about it. We felt grown and capable. Ready to get out and explore the beautiful island. But, let’s not forget I was 17. I had parental freedom, with hot boys and beaches.

Later that day, we met up with our parents. After being poolside, they had an interesting story to tell us. They’d met a whole team of basketball players in the casino. They were even more excited to let us know that they were college basketball players. They seemed more giddy about it then we were. They told the players all about us. Even suggested they stop us and say, “Hi,” if they see us around the resort. After listening to them go on and on about how gorgeous and tall they all were, we were eager to meet these beautiful giants. We were on a mission.

The next day we’d all put on our best bathing suits, got oiled up, threw on some shades and ventured out in the resort. First, we went to get breakfast in hopes we’d catch them there. No luck! Then, we went poolside to see if they’d been relaxing there. Again, no luck! Next, we went by the gym. NO LUCK! So finally after checking every inch of the resort, we began to think these mythical creatures couldn’t be real. We decided to give up and enjoy the island we were paying to be on.

The girls and I discovered that there was a nightclub on the island. It was almost like the resort knew we were in the mood to party all night. After dinner, we rushed back to our room to get ready. We made it to the club and to our disappointment, it was half empty and the music selection was terrible. The only thing we knew that would help was going to the bar. Taking full advantage of the fact that the legal drinking age was eighteen in the Bahamas, we figured 17 was close enough. About thirty minutes later, it was as if our prayers had been answered. There they were. And in numbers too. It was hard for us not to drool but ours parents were not making them up. Those giants were beautiful and perfectly sculpted. Every last one of them were above 6’4, with broad shoulders and a smile to die for.

They casually started to glide our way. I took a moment to look around in case we were hallucinating, but it was all happening. When they approached us, it was as if they knew who we were. First thing they did was order us another round of what we were drinking. Then, they proceeded to introduce themselves. Next, they asked us to dance. I was so shocked at how comfortable we all were with one another. I never stopped to acknowledge the fact that out of all the other girls in the club, these majestic creatures approached us. Nevertheless, we continued to party all night.

The next morning, we met up for breakfast. Our energy was met and the vibe was great. Everyone was simply enjoying one another’s company, laughs and jokes. As we were finishing up breakfast one of the players muttered, “’I’m so glad those three crazy women stopped us.” I caught wind of his sentence and immediately inquired. After a bit of playing detective, the girls and I discovered that long and behold they were looking for us too. While bursting out in laughter, the girls and I explained our previous day with the similar mission. That was probably the most planned, yet random meeting I’d ever experienced, not to mention all of this was happening in a country we weren’t from. All in all, we had to thank the adults for leading us to one another.

Tip of the Trip!

This island is known for conch. It is the meat inside of conch shells. They are normally made into conch fritters, but used in many other dishes such as conch salad, fried conch and more. TRY THE CONCH FRITTERS AT YOUR NEXT RESORT!

Mouth watering, huh? I know. Make sure to add a touch of lemon juice and some chipotle sauce. Now we’re talking!

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