From Basic to PRO

I’m about to drop some gems for you gals. From trendy to professional, I want to add some sas to your instafeed. Let’s take those simple selfies and turn them into a photoshoot extravaganza. Photo editing apps are taking over. One selfie at a time. These apps are not only easy to use but also allows you to edit the photos uniquely to your taste. Before you can decide how to change up your instagram, here are some tips to the perfect instagram feed:

1. Let your feed express your personality and voice.
2. Take into consideration the aesthetic feel you are attempting to create. (Anything from warm tones to cool tones.)
3. Determine the type of feed you want through the theme and layout. (From picture layouts to fonts.)
4. It is important to keep your filter usage similar to help the feed flow.
5. The more impressive your page looks, the more traffic you will attract.
6. Be yourself! (Unique and FREE!)

Now that you are deciding on a theme, these 6 apps are where the magic happens at your fingertips. If you you don’t know, now you know:


This app is perfect and simple to use because it already has a ton of presets to choose from that can make your theme come to life. You can also control the amount of filter on each image you edit.

2. Lightroom

Another app with a ton of unique presets. This is a little more advance but once you get the hang of it, you will look like a pro. It can take a dull picture and turn it into a jewel. “Where they do that at? “ On Lightroom sis!

3. Unfold

This app is perfect for adding flavor to your Instastory. Promoting a product or trying to tell a story? This app lets you not only add text to your pictures and videos but allows you to Style it up! And as if it isn’t easy enough, you can directly add it right to your Instastory!

4. Hype Type

Another gem to turn your instastories into a piece of artwork. Can you believe this app animates text on any picture or video! Ssh don’t tell anyone though, it’s our little secret!

5. Facetune

Got a pimple you need to hide, or trying get rid of a stain on your shirt? This app is perfect for making your skin flawlessly looking. Like you woke up like this! Call on the Insta-baddies?!

6. Colorstory

Last but not least, one of my favorites! Want to post a picture at a certain time or create a theme on your insta-grid? This is the perfect app for that. Turn your insta-boring into insta-banging!

With these helpful apps to enhance your Insta, I hope you get a better understanding of showcasing who you truly are right at your handheld. These apps will keep your followers entertained and interested with who you are, my beautiful gals.

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